Health & Safety Campaigns & Events


Health & Safety Campaigns & Events

What is important in Health & Safety management, is to create a collective dynamic around a shared vision at all levels of the company because if accidents and illnesses are costly, prevention is an investment.

KC supports organizations in developing and implementing Health & Safety campaigns & events in order to :

  • Increase the staff awareness towards Health & Safety and buy in the safety ownership
  • Provide practical solutions through “best practice models”
  • Increase staff knowledge regarding legislation on the subject and encourage organizations to comply
  • Alert on new risks and possible solutions
  • Position the organization as a competent expert and partner Health & Safety

KC can provide with any Health and Safety Campaigns & Events. Our Campaigns & Events portfolio already comprises :

  • Road Safety Campaigns
  • Heat Stress Campaigns
  • 1 Million Hours without LTI Event
  • Hand Injuries Prevention Campaigns
  • Seatbelt Adherence Campaigns

Safety campaigns & events include workshops, seminars, conferences and online safety activities.

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