Occupational Health and Hygiene


Occupational Health and Hygiene

The foundation of Occupational Health is the prevention of ill-health and injury by maintaining a safe work environment and investing in any company’s most valuable resource: the workforce.

Knowledge Compass delivers efficiency savings solution for Occupational Health services customized with specific regulations of each sectors of industry. We support organizations to achieve wellness at work by implementing the best Occupational Health practices by:

Helping you to manage sickness absence, embracing:

  • research into workplace stress, and the development of tools for its management
  • development, implementation and evaluation of software for monitoring and managing sickness absence
  • occupational hygiene and health surveillance services, designed to manage workplace risks and to monitor the effects of exposures on the health of workers.
  • Implementing biological monitoring program. It is part of an overall strategy for controlling hazardous chemicals within the workplace, by reducing uncertainty in relation to the effectiveness of control measures in place and by monitoring work practices. Monitoring chemical exposure ensures that employees are not overly exposed beyond the recommended guidelines and the risk of sickness absence problems.
  • Helping you fulfill your legal obligations by implementing health monitoring in a timely and appropriate fashion.
  • Organizing health promotion activities.
  • Making sure that your staff experience dignity at work.
  • Recording and Planning of every aspect of an occupational health.

How we do that?
The Occupational Health audit process requires active participation from HR, medical and safety professionals associated with the organization concerned. The audit process should include a conducted walkabout survey of the workplace, examining all aspects of the process and highlighting any known health risks.

It will also include a review of data concerning health risk assessments, Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) data, sickness absence, claims, enforcement action and any other associated health issues.

We will then provide you with a detailed analysis of your current status and an action plan designed to ensure compliance with statutory provisions and assist you to develop or improve your health management processes as appropriate.