Road Safety


Road Safety:

KC produces a vast array of advice, programs, training, solutions and information on all areas of road safety and road accident prevention.

Our Road Safety programs include policies, theoretical and behind the wheel training, drivers performance monitoring and fleet safety management.

Our Road Safety Program includes the following:

  • Road Accident Analysis.
  • Pre-employment drivers health screening.
  • Pre-employment drivers risk assessment.
  • Identifying High Risk Driver.
  • Vehicle Safety features.
  • Drivers Training. (Theoretical / Behind the Wheel)
  • A ‘Safe Driving’ Pledge.
  • Road Complaints System.
  • Reward & Recognition Programs / Disciplinary Programs.
  • Drivers Monitoring Initiatives.
  • Drug & Alcohol tests.
  • Driving Hours Policy.
  • Vehicle Assessment / Disqualification program.
  • Road awareness campaigns.
  • Speed Limiter / Monitor.