Performance Management


What makes an effective performance management process?

Performance management isn’t just about rating employee performance in an annual performance appraisal. An effective performance management process focuses on aligning your workforce, improving employee performance, supporting employee development and driving better business results – all year round.


It helps to align goals

Effective performance management ensures employees clearly know what they are expected to accomplish and how their work contributes to the achievement of organizational goals.


It builds competencies

Effective performance management also helps cultivate the organizational and job-specific competencies each employee and the organization need for high performance and success.


It’s focused on employee development

Ultimately, your performance management process should help your employees develop and improve, so they can be successful, continually improve their performance, and increase their knowledge, skills, experience and capabilities.


It engages and empowers employees

Including employee self-assessments as part of your performance management process helps engage employees in both the process and their performance. It also helps empower them. You can also include 360 degree feedback to get employees more involved and to make feedback and ratings broader and fairer.


Make it easy for managers and employees

Getting managers and employees to fully participate in your performance management process is critical to effectiveness. So maKe it easy for them. Your performance management process, forms, training and toold all need to:

  • Help employees achieve their goals and develop the competencies they and the organization need to continued success.
  • Help managers guide their employees, develop them and foster high performance.


Performance management should be ongoing

Good perfomrance management is an ongoing practice, not a once a year task. It ensures eployees get the continual direction, feedback and development they need to improve and succeed. It helps align your workforce and drive business results.