Information Security Consultancy


Information Security Consultancy

Performing activities that involve the exchange of sensitive information, privacy protected data with partners, suppliers, and customers might lead to cyber attacks. To avoid it, organizations need to understand their network vulnerabilities and how best to defend against malicious cyber operations.

Knowledge Compass is a valuable partner in ensuring that Information Security systems are a strength within your organization. We help you ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information resources.

We provide with professional management consulting practice focused on Cryptography, Information Assurance & Cyber Defense by applying best practices from industry recognized standards.

Our Information Security Consultancy include:

Cyber Defense & Information Protection

  • Identity Management (Authentication & Non-Repudiation, PKI)
  • Information access monitoring / Files
  • Information & Email Encryption
  • End Point and Network Protection
  • Encrypted Secure communication (Video, Audio, Text and File Transfer)
  • Certificate Authority, Digital Client Certificates, PKI & Digital Signature, Email Certificates
  • SCADA & Critical Infrastructure Protection Programs
  • National ID consulting & implementation
  • Government / Military / National Security Standards (Information Assurance)
  • CERT establishing and conversion to CSS

Cyber Intelligence & Law Enforcement:

  • OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) & Semantic Analysis Lawful Interception
  • Traffic – Analysis, Visualization & Re-construction
  • SNSP (Social Networks Security Program)
  • Cyber Army Training

Cyber Pre-emptive Defense (Hacking):

  • Reverse Engineering and Exploit research
  • Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing
  • Hacking Service
  • Custom 0day Exploits development
  • Cyber Army Training

Our team is dedicated to innovative projects. If you may have any specific requirement regarding Information Security, please contact us Our R&D team of experts will contact you to understand your specific needs and provide you with the best tailored solution