Health & Safety Awareness Courses


Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP) Course

Three Days

Course Overview:

HAZOP study is one of the most recognized techniques to identify hazard and operability problems that may represent risks to personnel, equipment or environment. It is a structures and systematic examination of a planned or existing process, procedure or operation to identify potential problems.

The Course will be held in a highly interactive mode using case studies, HAZOP simulations and group exercises to ensure that the course is more than just theory. By the end of the course, candidates will possess necessary skills to successfully participate in and mange HAZOPs and to facilitate simple HAZOPs.

Course Outline:

      • Introduction to process repitition, drilling, procedure and C/E HAZOP
      • HAZOP methodology and procedure
      • Applicable standards
      • Facilitating and reporting
      • HAZOP team structure
      • HAZOP team members responsibilities
      • HAZOP management
      • Overview of FMEA (Failure Modes & Effects Analysis) and FTA (Fault Tree Analysis)
      • Other hazard identification studies
      • Case studies

Target Audience:

  • Engineers (system, instrument, process) & Technical Operators.
  • Project managers, engineering managers, system responsible engineers, team members.
  • Team members who need to refresh and update their HAZOP experience.
  • Experienced HAZOP team members who want to become HAZOP facilitators.

Competencies Gained and Course Outcome:

For Companies:

      • Optimize your HAZOP study teams
      • Cost reduction by HAZOP facilitation in-house
      • Action management validation, close-out and management of change

For Team Members:

      • Understanding of risk and hazards concepts
      • Understanding of HAZOP process for effective contribution
      • How to take active role in HAZOP studies

For Facilitators:

      • How to manage HAZOP studies- planning participation, timing
      • How to be a competent HAZOP facilitator – preparation, leadership