Health & Safety Awareness Courses

confined space

Confined Space Awareness Course

Two Days

Course Overview:
Confined space activities are of the highest risk activities across several industries, when proper measures and awareness are not in place, tasks can easily lead to a fatality or serious injuries. This course will demonstrate a range of confined spaces, the risks they pose and the proper control measures required to reduce or avoid them.

Course Outline:

  • Types of confined space.
  • Confined Space general rules.
  • Risk assessment requirements.
  • Controls.
  • Safety Equipment.
  • Entry Rules.
  • Hazard Controls.
  • Ventilation and cleaning.
  • Life Protection.
  • Lighting
  • Respiratory equipment
  • Communication during the entry.
  • Emergency Preparedness.
  • Confined space rescue.

Target Audience:

  • All personnel who work in or near a Confined Space or might be associated with Confined Space Operations.
  • Permit Issuers.
  • Permit Receivers.
  • Supervisors.
  • Engineering maintenance Staff.
  • Production Staff.
  • Project Staff.
  • Standby Person
  • Emergency Personnel

Competencies Gained and Course Outcome:

  • The ability to determine to control measures that need to be taken to eliminate or reduce the confined space activities risks.
  • The ability to identify risks associated with confined space activities.