Health & Safety Awareness Courses


Control of Legionella Course

One Day

Course Overview:
The course is designed to give managers and selected employees an overview of how to control Legionella bacteria in the workplace by understanding the life cycle of the bacteria and how it can grow and cause harm. The ways to identify possible Legionella presence and the mapping of water pipework at any site so that the process of identification can occur. Once identified, Legionella testing can be carried out.

Course Outline:

  • Legionella background.
  • What is Legionella.
  • About Legionnaires disease.
  • Legionella High Risk Groups.
  • Examples of International Legislation.
  • Legionella Controls.

Target Audience:
The course is for all level of Safety Professionals and Site / Line managers / Supervisors.

Competencies Gained and Course Outcome:

  • The knowledge about Legionella.
  • The ability to map water pipe work.
  • The ability to identify possible Legionella growth .
  • The ability to establish a Legionella action plan.
  • The ability to identify the health effects of Legionellosis in the workforce and its dangers.
  • The ability to deliver instructions to the workforce to protect them from contacting Legionellosis.