Health & Safety Awareness Courses

fire fighting

Fire Safety / Emergency Evacuation Course

Two Days

Course Overview:
The course is designed to enable candidates to identify fire hazards in the workplace and also covers, emergency evacuation, bomb threats, emergency safety plans, fire drills, alarm tests, fire wardens, use of and correct type of fire extinguishers, fire risk assessment, characteristics of fire spread, types of fire detection equipment and its testing, and emergency planning.

Course Outline:

  • What is a Fire?
  • Fire Triangle.
  • Fire Classes.
  • Extinguishment Triangle.
  • Extinguishment Material.
  • Emergency Procedures.
  • Evacuation.
  • Fire Risk Assessment.

Target Audience:
The course is for all level of management and employees including potential fire wardens.

Competencies Gained and Course Outcome:

  • The knowledge of fire triangle.
  • The knowledge of fire classification.
  • The ability to complete a fire risk assessment.
  • The ability to complete fire evacuation / fire exit checklist.
  • The ability to understand characteristics of fire spread
  • The ability to undertake and organise a fire evacuation.
  • The ability to respond to a bomb threat.
  • The ability to understand and use different types of fire extinguisher.
  • The ability to use fire hoses.
  • The ability to see and recognise fire safety equipment.