Competency Based Training


Shift from content-focused training to Competency-Based Training (CBT)

Knowledge Compass is capable to support companies in developing and implementing training and assessment systems that support the achievement of their business objectives by providing CBT services. CBT is the worldwide recognized method for vocational training. It places emphasis on what a person can do in the workplace as a result of completing a program of training or based on workplace experience and learning.

Why Knowledge Compass CBT programs?

  • Focused on the success of each learner Our training is cost-effective, goal-oriented and productive
  • We improve your staff competencies and not only improve the knowledge
  • We will not tell you the ‘know-how’ but you will be capable to do it
  • Delegates build confidence and gain motivation because knowledge is gained with the purpose of supporting performance
  • Best experience learning as our program are designed to affect behaviors tied to competencies

To map your competencies needs with effective training programs, use our Competency Based Training matrix to find exactly what course can really improve your staff competencies and tackles any competencies gaps

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