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NEBOSH HSW E-learning

NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work Qualification (HSW):
Globally recognized health, safety and environmental qualification now available with Knowledge Compass E-learning solution. Click here to download our NEBOSH HSW E-learning brochure.

“Excellent program and supportive trainers. NEBOSH HSW E-learning really inspired and motivated me. I felt more competent and prepared for a new higher position in HSE.” Mr. H. Al Shammari – HSE Specialist

Why taking our NEBOSH HSW e-learning?

  • Flexibility: start at any time and work at your own speed anywhere. You can access our e-learning platform via phone, tablet and computer.
  • Cost-effective: e-learning eliminates the need to bring the trainer and learner together in the same place at the same time. Also, the training can be conducted in short sessions, spread over several weeks, instead of losing the employee for a whole day or several days at a time.
  • Unlimited support: chat, e-mail and phone access to our team of NEBOSH experts.
  • Online resources: the online course is designed to take you through the course step by step, including quizzes alongside our complete course notes.
  • Online forums & chat room: where you can discuss issues raised during your course with fellow students and your trainers.
  • Exam locations internationally using British Councils and partners. We will try to find an exam in your preferred location

How the course is assessed?

  • Through a multiple choice examination and a practical risk assessment in your workplace which tests the ability to put into practice the course theory.
  • A qualification parchment will be awarded on successful completion of both assessments.
  • Knowledge Compass offers exams in UAE. If you are looking to take exams elsewhere, we can arrange for exams to be taken in over 80 countries worldwide via our Partners like the British Council.

There are no prerequisites for the HSW.

Next step to NEBOSH HSW

  • The NEBOSH International General Certificate
  • The NEBOSH International Diploma